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Celebrate the Christmas and New Year in Tunisia – a warm Mediterranean destination

Celebrate the Christmas and New Year in Tunisia – a warm Mediterranean destination

Tunisia, a warm Mediterranean destination could be just the right travel destination to celebrate your Christmas and New Year. A relatively small country located along Atlas Mountain range and having a coastal line of 1300 kms, Tunisia is full of natural beauty, rich culture and tradition while serving it tourists with modern and up to date hotel accommodation and travel facilities.

While at Tunisia you could spend a couple of days at the beach, windsurfing the bluest of seas and chill out with the coolest of Mediterranean breezes you experience all day long. With no dearth of recreational activities such as golf, tennis, diving, hunting, riding, surfing, sailing and hiking can be enjoyed at leisure at affordable prices as well.

If you like to know more about ancient culture and history, you could always venture to visit museums and historical sites which reveal the rich past of Tunisia. Make sure you tour the Roman, Arab, Berber or the Phoenician sites in Tunisia. Worth visiting is the Punic Museum in Utica and the National Museum of Bardo on week days other than Monday which is their weekly off.

Shopping in Tunisia is definitely exciting and interesting for you get an opportunity to visit local markets and interact with local people. You could shop for silver jewellery, pottery and ceramics, brass and copper items, leather items, antiques and even exotic carpets. This could definitely be your test on bargaining skills.

Tunisia is known for its vibrant culture and enthusiasm enabling you to enjoy Christmas and New Year with lot of fervor and gaiety. With live music, dance and electrifying atmosphere, New Year celebrations in Tunisia are definitely going to be memorable.

In case you are wondering where to stay in Tunisia and which hotels to book yourself into, do check out the El Hana Palace, El Mouradi Palace at Port El Kantaoui or the El Mouradi Mahdia, Mahdia for these hotels have received good reviews.

Your stay in Tunisia could be made even more memorable by trying out the local foods and delicacies. The regular Tunisian fare is spicy and hot. Fish is available in the coastal areas and you can savour gilt-headed sea bream and perch to squid and prawns in varied styles ranging from dry and crisp fish dishes to simply grilled ones. Their daily meal comprises of cous cous which is a loaf of wheat grain topped with vegetables, meat and fish and richly flavored sauce. Each person has developed its distinct taste of sauce which could suit each ones own taste buds. The spices used in cooking include cardamom, paprika, saffron and cumin while the meats consumed lamb, and goat. You could even check out the locally prepared wines both in the red and white variety.

With so much to offer and enjoy in Tunisia, visiting Tunisia does seem to be exciting and enchanting. A travel trip across such destinations can be truly enjoyed provided they are planned well in advance. With online booking of Flight Tickets, Hotel Bookings and other related activities possible, you do need to take efforts in the right direction and plan your travel trip well.

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